Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC)

The purpose of Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) is to provide affordable vocational-technical, business and industry, general education, college transfer, and continuing education programs, which meet the needs and desires of its diverse students and economic development needs for the community.  To improve the educational base of society, FTCC encourages life-long learning and strives to prepare students for further workforce and educational experiences. As a learning-centered college, FTCC offers courses and programs at times and places convenient to students in a variety of delivery modes.  Courses are also available for high school graduates who need additional academic preparation before attempting college work.

The FTCC Community in PipelineNC provides resource links and discussion forum topics that students, career and job seekers, counselors, and educators can use during their search for careers and related educational curriculums and classes. Members of the FTCC Community can network and share their ideas and comments with other members.


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